Peri Cotton Pants

Flared, wide-leg bottoms for a flattering silhouette.



  • Peri pants are the all-occasion comfy pants.
  • Flair and wide leg design for a flattering silhouette.
  • The material is soft and comfortable.
  • Highly breathable and absorb sweat well.
  • Stay cooler as moisture is quickly dispersed away.
  • Ideal for the local hot and humid summer.
  • Made with a soft and breathable material ensuring comfort while being fashionable.
  • Comes in a flexible elastic waistband with a drawstring. In free size but the elastic band is highly stretchable and fits most women sizes.
  • Minimalist design in basic essential must-have colours.
  • Only available in FREE size, has an elasticated waistband and drawstring, suitable to most sizes.
  • Comes in 2 different lengths to suit your needs.
  • Capri is about 70cm long (mid-calf length) and Cropped is about 82cm (ankle length).
  • Material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex.
  • Comes in 5 colours only. Black /Blue/ Dark Grey/ Light Grey / Red
  • The featured Model on the cover wears Niles Padded Top Midrift in White, Themis Cotton Cardigan in Pink and Peri Cotton Casual Pants in Dark Grey (Cropped & Capri), both available at Einashop.
  • Search “Einashop Niles Padded Top Midrift”
  • Style up like our lookbook by simply going into our shop and find the matching items by its name.
  • Eg: search for “Lyra” for “Lyra linen shorts in olive.
  • Look 1: Comfy+ Camisole in Black x Peri Cotton Cropped Pants in Light Grey
  • Look 2: Themis Cotton Cardigan in Black x Niles Padded Top Midrift x Peri Cotton Capri Pants in Black
  • Look 3: Nidia Casual Tee in Pink x Peri Cotton Cropped Pants in Blue
  • Look 4: Comfy+ Camisole Midrift in Black x Peri Cotton Capri Pants in Red

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