Men Nanosilver Ankle Socks 6 Pairs Bundle

The socks have nanosilver ions embedded for effective anti-bacterial and odour control so that the feet can be fresh and healthy. In a bundle of 6 pairs.


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  • Type: Premium Nanosilver Men AnkleSocks
  • Colour available: BLACK / WHITE / GREY
  • In free size. Stretchable and fits most men size.
  • In a bundle of 6 socks.
  • Innovative patented nanotechnology in the sock kills bacteria and fungi that arise from exfoliated skin and foot sweat which in turn lead to foot odour and infection.
  • The silver nanoparticles in the sock kill and control more than 650 types of bacteria with its ability to release positively charged ions that stops bacterial cells functioning.
  • A proven and widely used technology in the medical field & food packaging
  • With its continuous ACTIVE anti-bacterial properties, foot odour problem will be greatly reduced and controlled after repeated use.
  • The anti-bacterial effectiveness of the sock has been tested and certified by “The Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (TIPCCAS)” and also world leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, SGS.

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