Celderma Daily Water Ball Cream

Moisturising step in your daily skin care routine.


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  • Celderma daily water ball cream is your essential moisturising step in your daily skin care routine.
  • Main points:
  • 1. The water ball cream used leading hydrogel technology to provide a non-drying moisture coating on skin with just only 2 balls.
  • 2. It seals and lock moisture deep into skin through the waterball formulation with enhanced moisture adhesion to keep skin supple longer.
  • 3. it contains a patented moisture locking component containing ceramide with hyaluronic acid form a moisture barrier on dry skin that deliver a powerful and effective moisturising effect.
  •  Patented moisture capsule using leading hydrogel technology to form a double capsule with all active ingredients locked within the capsule. Hydrogel is hydrophilic and it can be easily applied and deeply absorbed into the skin.
  • The “monster” capsule is 6 times larger than normal capsule serum and thus it is able to provide rich moisture to skin with juts only 2 balls.
  • How to use:
  • Complete your normal skin care cleansing routine using the 3 steps Celderma Daily Skin Care Routine.
  • Step 1: Use celderma daily mild peeling water as the toner to clean off excessive impurities and tighten pores after face wash.
  • Step 2: Use celderma daily hydro capsule serum to nourish the skin as the essence.
  • Step 3: Take out 2 to 3 water cream balls using the spatula provided and gently crushed them on your hand. Apply the water ball cream to face gently and slowly massage the cream onto the face.
  • Made in Korea. In 50 ml.

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