Celderma Best Seller Bundle 1 Box Wear Fit V-line lifting mask & 1 Pack Undermask

Bestsellers from Celderma now available in this special bundle deal.

Wear Fit for that V-line face and Undermask for treating your skin secretly under your face mask.


  • Best Value for Dollar bundle deal from Celderma
  • Get 1 box of Wear Fit V-line face lifting mask + 1 pack Undermask in this incredible deal.
  • Wear Fit

  • One of the most rave and talked about lifting mask in Korea is now available in SG with the latest next-generation version.
  • Previously Celderma Double Layering Mask. This newest upgraded version has improved fabric for a better uplifting effect. It comes in a box of 5 masks now and each mask is now more economical per mask.
  • Also available in 3 functions in its unique color to suit your skincare needs.
  • Say bye-bye to sagging face and double chin with this hottest Korean skincare fix.
  • Reduce puffiness and get a V line face for the next 24 hours or longer after putting on the mask.
  • Made of IMPROVED high tech premium grade cosmetic fabric that gives a good tension for an effective lift to the face. Ergonomically designed for the Asian face and it lifts the right areas to get you the V line face contour.
  • Stay hydrated, improve your elasticity and smoothen all the fine lines and get rid of your double chin all in one time while your face is lifted. Super comfortable too so that you can just continue your indoor workout or enjoy your favorite past time while getting a good facial treatment.
  • Comes in 3 colours: Edge Grey / Loving Coral / Chiffon Pink
  • Made in Korea. In a box of 5 masks
  • Celderma Undermask

  • Celderma Undermask is one of the hottest beauty items from Celderma, now available in Singapore!
  • From Pollution, Dust, Virus, etc, wearing masks all day everyday makes our skin tired and irritated. How long can our skin take it?
  • Now with Celderma’s latest product, give your skin a break with an under mask that helps you care for the tired skin anytime, anywhere.
  • Key ingredients:
  • Soothing ingredients:
  • 1. Tea Tree Extract; immediately soothes irritated skin.
  • 2. Allantoin; Improves skin texture and also has a soothing effect.
  • Moisturizing ingredients:
  • 1. Licorice Acid; Controls sebum and is anti-inflammatory
  • 2. Panthenol; Holds moisture in the skin tightly.
  • Cooling gel immediately gives instant cooling relief when wearing hot and stuffy masks. The mask is so light, you might not even feel it at all.
  • Moisturizing Gel Technology to provide a perfect fit without stickiness, ensuring that it stays in place for as long as you need it.
  • Put on the mask and continue with your favorite activities while your face gets pampered and deeply moisturized. You can wear your face mask over it and go outside too. Leave the mask on for 20 to 40 mins. Gently tap the skin after removing the mask to better absorption.
  • Made in Korea.
  • Comes in a pack of 4 masks.
  • Each mask pack is about 9g.

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