Annis Oversized Women Plain Tee

Einashop streetwear collection – Casual, Contemporary, Comfort. Just be yourself. Premium quality basic plain in a comfortable yet stylish oversized cut.


  • You can’t get any cozier than having this laid-back outfit.
  • A must-have for streetwear aficionados with this loose-fitting oversized tee.
  • Breaking the rules of proportion to the fashionable effect
  • Relaxed silhouettes, clean shapes, little embellishments, and an overall sophisticated feel.
  • Made of high-quality 100% high combed cotton.
  • All-natural hypo-allergic cotton that is amazingly soft and comfortable.
  • Highly breathable and better cooling.
  • Care-free and durable.
  • Hold and retain shape even with multiple washes.
  • Material: 100% premium high combed cotton.
  • Easy to match colour: Black / White / Yellow / Purple.
  • Comes in: M / L / XL / XXL.
  • Height/weight guide: (Note: Guide as a reference only as this is an oversized cut and it all depends on how you will want to wear it)
  • Size M / Height: 160-175cm / Weight: 50-55kg
  • Size L / Height: 160-175cm / Weight: 55-60kg
  • Size XL / Height: 160-175cm / Weight: 65-70kg
  • Size XXL / Height: 160-175cm / Weight: 75-80kg

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